Francis "Frank" Krekelberg and Mary Clara Krueger

Parents of Francis: Johann "John" Hubert Krekelberg and Anna Catharina Wellens born in Bocket, Waldefeucht, Germany.

Francis "Frank" John Krekelberg, born October 27, 1882 in rural Otter Tail Count, Minnesota, in a township which was to become Edna Township of that same year. He died on December 16, 1949.

The changing faces of Frank..... Look in the scrap book and see how much he's changed from teens throughout life.

Frank the younger brother of Henry, were both very involved in community affairs. Their father Johann would start something, Henry would take over and eventually Frank would follow as the other two started some other adventure or activity. But Frank was, by himself, a genius at making something out of nothing. He had the first flush toilets in Dent because he also had the first running water. Without electricity on the farm, he used old charged batteries to run a car engine starter motor, to run pumps, cream separator and lighting. This guy was the first Rube Goldberg. My father admired him more than anyone else for his genius.

Parents of Mary: Othmar Krueger and Theresa Bayerl

Mary Clara Krueger , September 20, 1886 -- January 07, 1952

Married May 19, 1908 Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Winsted, McLeod,  Minn.

Mary was an excellent cook and great wife. How often I remember her making sweets, cakes, and her own famous apple coffee cake. She would wile away the hours baking, standing in front of the kitchen table, looking out the front window, telling me family stories which must be repeated in the scrap book. Mary was a walking talking encyclopedia of family stories.

Children of Frank and Mary

Mary "Frances" Frances - Jan. 18, 1909, in Dent, Otter Tail. Minn.
Alma C. - January 12, 1910, in Dent, Otter Tail Cnty, MN.
Florence "Fuzz" A. - Sept.15, 1911, in Dent, Otter Tail Cnty, MN.
Alfred "Fritz" G. - Jan. 15, 1913, in Dent, Otter Tail Cnty, MN..
Edward Henry - Jan. 19, 1916, in Dent, Otter Tail County, Minn