Henry John Krekelberg and Clara Theresa Altstadt

Parents of Henry: Johann "John" Hubert Krekelberg and Anna Catharina Wellens born in Bocket, Waldefeucht, Germany.

Henry John Krekelberg,

Born on October 24, 1878, in Chaska, Carver County, Minnesota.

Died on April 13, 1936 in an automobile accident near Dent, Minnesota.

Henry was the oldest son of Johann and early in his life took on support duties for his father. He was one of the signer's of the incorporation of Dent. He taught school. He was well respected as the representative of his father and therefore revered as one of the communities leaders even as a young man still in his teens.

Henry was a very active man and conducted his social involvements while serving the normal life of a common farmer. By marrying into the Alstadt family, his further grew as a revered man. But he was a popular and very intelligent man dedicated to his friends, family and community.

Parents of Clara: Charles Altstadt and Mary Theresa Keil

Clara Theresa Altstadt

Born on December 24, 1855.

Died on June 27, 1908

We would love to have more information on this lady of such a significant family, but can't get the grandchildren or other survivors to dig up answers. So far, nobody wants to help... only pass the buck onto someone else that can't or won't help.

Marriage: The couple were married in Chaska, Carver County, Minnesota.

Children of Henry and Mary

Charles Henry - b. Aug. 3, 1906 in Dent, MN - d. Oct.14, 1976
Mary Ann - b. Apr.10,1908 in Dent, MN - d. Nov.8, 1993
Albert - b. Nov. 12, 1909 in Dent, MN - d. Feb. 8, 1924
Helen Genevieve - b. Dec. 9, 1911 in Dent, MN - d. Aug. 24, 1984.
          Never Married according to Alstadt Family history documents.
William Frank - b. Nov. 29, 1913 in Dent, MN - d. Oct. 10, 1987
Lawrence August
b. Aug. 25, 1916 in Dent, MN - d. Oct. 07, 1997
Leo George b. Oct. 8, 1918 in Dent, MN - d. Aug. 29, 1982
George William b. Jan. 4, 1922 in Dent, MN - d. Nov. 19, 1986