Johann Hubert Krekelberg family - Scrap Book

Birth Certificate of Johann in German script. (Engish version on order).
Declaration of Intent to become US Citizen. Source: Carver Co. Hist. Society.
Application and approval
of naturalization (became US Citizen). Source: Carver Co. Hist. Society.

Birth Certificate of Anna Catherina Hubertina Wellens.

Wedding picture of Johann and Anna.    Source: Othelia "Sis" Mary Krekelberg & Fr. Wm Krekelberg.

Johann and Anna's whole family picture.  Source: Othelia "Sis" Mary Krekelberg & Fr. W. Krekelberg

The Park Hotel of Dent Source commentary by G. E. Krekelberg.
As a railroad was planned to come through the corner property of he Johann Krekelberg's farm, "John" sold the piece of property to the State public where it could be purchased by both the railroad and those desiring a village. John was in a interesting position owning the land and at the same time being the local postmaster of the extension office of the Frazee Post Office. Few in the area even realized there was annex to the Frazee PO. When he got paid by the State of Minnesota, He already knew that many farm product buyers from Minneapolis would be coming by train and needed a place to stay, not only for a night, but for months. So he wisely took the money and built the Park Hotel - The most imposing structure of Dent for many years. In fact, it was the only significant building in the area that became Dent, and was located just across the street from the yet to be built, train station. The train station with it's telegraph was the only means of communication with the other towns and the great cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Of course, the town that followed, would have a post office and Johann would be the postmaster. So Johann had to submit 3 names for the town. The name "Dent" was included more as a joke than anything and named after the famous Dent Corn breed, which grew well in the area as stock feed and is still used today. I never learned of the other two names, but the Vice Postmaster General of the United States, knowing Johann fairly well, chose "Dent" more as a joke than anything as he knew nothing about the corn. Just a Dent in God's green Earth. As a kid, one darkening evening, there were 3 of us watching a meteorite falling. One kid said, "I wonder how big that thing is?" My friend David Stenger remarked, "Probably pretty small, but if it hit Dent, all that would be left is a grease spot and we'd be some of the grease." Throughout my life, I never forgot Dave's remark and chuckle a bit. How true!

Johann's management team.

Johanns-daughters. These ladies made enormous changes in the lives of so many.

Johann "John" Hubert Krekelberg obituary Source: Perham Enterprise Bulletin, March 8, 1918.

A 1916 account of Johann "John" by John W. Mason. HISTORY OF OTTER TAIL COUNTY, MINNESOTA (B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc.: Indianapolis, 1916) Vol 2 p. 582f
(This account has a number of small errors, but worse, it leaves out some important things, but all in all, a fairly good accounting by an outsider in 1916.

John H. Krekelberg, original founder of Dent, Otter Tail, Minnesota